Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well, we are definately in the thick of things...mainly clutter and plaster/drywall and sanding dust! Mike has finished the bedroom floor and we will be able to sleep in our own room again in 2 short sleeps!! The camping has been fun (in the livingroom) but the futon is getting a bit too low to the ground for me...with only 4.5 weeks to go in this pregnancy. It makes those night tme bathroom breaks somewhat challenging!

We had a great long weekend. Nana arrived on Friday Night and Pops came on Saturday morning. Nana, Finn and I spent the day in Kimberley in order that Pops and Mike could sand the floors. Good times had by all. Nana stayed the whole weekend on the kitchen floor on a double blow-up mattress with distinguished dog, Poro. Pops spent the rest of Sunday and Monday with Grandad and anne in creston. We have decided that having both Poro, Charlie (Pops' dog), 4 kittens, Smee and Maus (our cat), is a bit to much for the house. However, all aforementioned animals survived weekend and went home intact. Next trip out, when baby is here, we are thinking no extra pets!!

Tomorrow I'm off to have coffee with Brooke.
Finn-less I will be.
I baked a cake for my friend Ross who will watch Finn for the morning (...however he informed me he is not a cake eater, and so his wife has volunteered to eat it all!!) The cake was part of a series that I made this morning based loosely on my Mama's "Zwetschen Struesel Kuchen (plum Streusel Cake). Turned ou beautifully. Plums courtesy of Grandad and Anne's tree in Creston.


Shari Schwarz said...

Hey sis--I just can't say enough about how adorable Finn is! What a sweet little guy. Evan is sitting here with me and is saying "Finn, Finn, Finn" over and over again. First, when he saw the pic of him he said, "Mink" which means me or mine. He thought it was himself. :) You guys have been sooo busy! And I can't believe only a month away till your baby will be here!!!! Yipee!

Love you!

Shari Schwarz said...
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