Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Morning came early...well earlier than usual.
Mike had spent all of yesterday driving to Calgary and back with Truman, our faithful orange van, to pick up the remaining pieces of the wardrobe. I spent the day baking and looking after Finn and friend Kate-as well as 2 hours off catching up on phone calls, emails and such.
So when the wake up wail came at the crack of 6:30am-I told Finn it was still "night-night time" (love these dark morning!) and he managed to stay quiet in his crib until 7:00am on the dot. We three hung out and took it all in slow mo until the juice and coffee and ovaltine kicked in. Mike managed our first-of-the-season fire in the woodstove with some gift firewood from friends, and we celebrated our own
First Autumny Day.

(Note: baby belly shot-we have not taken very many of this pregnancy-so here is the profile at 37 weeks-any baby gender guesses?)


Pops said...

Gender guesses? Well, being part of the Hepher lineage it's most likely to be a boy, but there has to be a little girl in the string somewhere, so that's what I'm calling it! A girl. That's what this child will be. And if not, a beautiful child anyway...this I know.

Anonymous said...

I say a redhead!

Shari Schwarz said...

Such a cutie baby. This time when Evan saw Finn's pic I asked him who it was and he said, "Finn" right away! :)

Hey, and you are lookin' pretty cute too! Can't wait for the little pumpkin!