Friday, September 15, 2006

Rainy Friday Morning.
I have composed a shopping list but am undecided whether I will go shopping.
Nice to be able to make these decisions-with no deadline or boss to tell me when and where and how.
After such a long dry season (please no lawn comments from locals, ha), I am enjoying the comfort of the rain on our roof all day and as I drift off to sleep at night. The last few days I got to bake and cook to my hearts content and even started a few sewing projects. Finn's favourite bear is now sporting a fetching pair of jeans (see pictures above). Finn is enamoured with them. Somehow it reminds me of my own Mama. She made clothes for our dolls and teddies. Finn and I had a good time with this little project..I sewed and he leaned up on the table on a chair and said "I watch?". A most pleasing time..and it made me so happy to be able to stay home with this crazy Nutkin I call my son!

Looking at the above list, I suppose you could say, I am nesting.
true enough.
I saw midwife and OB this week and all seems to be fine with baby. Now that my anemia is under control, I feel a lot better and more energetic. More than the rest of this ironic, as we are down to 3.5 weeks.
Finn's memorable saying of the week was 2 days ago on the change table. He has begun to use this maniacal forced laugh all week. Seems to be trying on different laughs all the time. As he is laying there doing the diaper thing he laughs his crazy new laugh and says to me "I funny".
How could I respond..
"yes Finn: you ARE funny"


Pops said...

Anie! I didn't know you had anemia. I am glad you ironed that out! Cute pictures and lovely Finn-stories which warm my heart!
Love Pops

Anonymous said...

Anie, glad to hear you are feeling energetic. Love the bunny bear's jeans. Too cute!


sport0 said...

funny AND precious.

Anonymous said...

What delightful stories, and pictures. I love the new bear jeans! What talent! The cooler and damper days ARE a refreshing change from the heat and the dry, aren't they? I too have been getting the cooking urge... not yet accomplished but the urge is there. The sweater looks good even with a few turn ups on the sleeves. I love the blue of it with Finn's eyes.

Glad you are feeling better.
Love, Nana