Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yesterday had a life-givng sort of moment in it.
Finn got a sliver. Three deep ones actually, from the oldwooden steps to the garage.
After the expected cry, pout and wail of "mamaaa, babaaa", Mike and I took him into the house and prepared for rapid surgery. I cleaned the tweezers, Mike cleaned the little hand. We laid him on the change table and I took his hand and face and told him he was going to be ok, and sang a little song and told him all the things that parents tell their kids to make themselves and their kids feel better. He winced and turned his head and cried, looked right at me but never flinched or pulled his hand away. After about a minute and all nasty splinters removed, i was so very touched by the whole thing.
A little person who trusts ferociously. A little person in such a big world with so many unknowns. It is such an incredible feeling of being loved and accepted. Its a pretty sweet trade off for fatigue and lack of privacy. I'd never trade back!!

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cathy conroy said...

hey cranny anie - such a sweet story about your lovely lad. Makes me homesick and heartsick.

How is the aformentioned deslivered finger?

I think I met your cat (do you ahve a cat?) when I dropped the CD full of pics off at your house. Perhaps you were away surfing or some such thing...that would have been the week after Dooger's remembering party.

I am hanging in there. It has been such a wirlwind few weeks, and today was the first day I have had to just think on things as I drove to Vancouver. I cried. A couple of times. Pretty sterile and short tears, but tears nonetheless.

so in place of tears I send greetings and hugs across the miles. I look forward to seeing you and mikey and finn? I will be in Cranny around the 2nd of July. :) gotta go get my pearly whites fixed up now so better sign off. much love