Friday, June 16, 2006

The thunderheads are wrapping 'round the house.
The water's running for Finn's nightly bath, and Smee is panting frantically in the laundrey room. He already ran away once this week ...we had a fantastic storm the other night that Mike and I watched with windows open as the sunset eating chocolate. We woke up to a Smee-less kennel, and a phone call from the local Liquidation World saying that they had our dog. Nice folks.

After a week of rainy indoor activity, it seems everyone looked out their window this morning, saw the sun and said "Let's go OUT". Finn and I joined in with the Happy Park People and stayed there all morning with a variety of Stroller Moms, Daycares, school groups and Grandparents minding their Grans. It was a glorious day in the sun.

And now its friday night and I love the feeling the end of the week brings. Like the bottom of a good glass of wine drank slowly and mellowing to the bones.
The lawn is mowed, the dishes done, and tomorrow is "Sam Steele" weekend in Cranbrook. A parade, pancake breakfast, face painting, live music and the works. Mike will take his scooter out for a long ride-that's his Father's day Special Event!

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