Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet Dolly

Meet the new kids..heads only..

Dolly Hepher #1

the great limb cut out..

My Big MASTER plan is to make the kids dolls for Christmas (or Nikolaus-Dec 6-if I can't wait!).

Kids are aware of this, as they watch me sew, and are thinking of names for their dolls.
Wren really wants to play with her hairless, and unclothed doll, but I had to shoo her away as Dolly still has pins for eyes!

Today I asked Finn what he wanted to name his doll.
He said: it will be my "I love you Dolly".
I said, "ok, let's come up with some more names too, ok?"
(Ok, so maybe I do have an agenda, like:I want names less sugary than that.)
Mike is voting for "Wally" for Finn's Doll, but first I have to convince Finn that his doll will actually be a boy.
He is not really sold on the idea yet.
Alas, there is time...for convincing!

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Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

Isn't it awesome to see them come "to life" and to know these dolls will be the focus of so much of their energy, their games, their cuddles & their memories? I LOVE IT & I know it sounds super sappy but it makes me feel better to know that I make them these dolls...not Wal-Mart...or Disney...but me, their Msms. Do you feel the same or am I alone in doll-land, place for weirdos?
Now, back to Earth, Ikea: you got it.
Question: what the hell is going on with blogger & verification words nowadays? they all make SO much sense...I got "triatial" which in my non-english brain translates as "try a towel".