Friday, May 25, 2007

May long in Lethbridge-Happy Bday Queen Vicky

We celebrated the late queen in family bliss:

Three (consecutive) sleep-in mornings (as Nana volunteered to take Wrenny for her daily 6:30am constitutional) and hanging out with the Lethbridge Fam for a few relaxing days. Eating, swimming, lounging in the park, eating excellent food...hmmmm. ahhhhh.
Some might contend with my choice of the adjective "relaxing" when, at times, the weekend included 5 adults and 3 small children in a 1500 sqft premise, but I would heartily disagee!
We also had a little visit with Pops and Joanne as they came through Cranbrook enroute the cabin...while Finn romped around in stellar form-performing his best version of the past-bedtime crazies!! All, including Wrenny, were duly entertained.

Here are pics of the last days.

She sits like a pro!

Before bedtime movie with Finn and cousin Skye

Uncle Robby. Uncle Cool.

Nana's home is transformed by a layer of trucks and blocks, pillows and crumbs.
Incredibly, she does not seem to mind!

A few pics of the Ladies in the morning.

Finn-the toddler.

The breakfast Club....

....followed later by the Supper Club-here with the Thiessen Hepher Fam.

After the bath-this is a quintissential Wrenny Grin.

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Erin said...

Aren't they all adorable! I was sorry not to connect with you guys this visit. The kids are growing so fast! Next time....