Friday, March 16, 2007

Toddler-free Fridays

Girls Morning out.
Finn's at Jenny's till noonish.
Mike and I have have our weekly coffee date (double shot mocha). At home.
While Wrenny sleeps.
Mike and I talked about all the dream ideas of renovating...
Then Wrenny and I went to the Superstore and bought a few neccesities and a copy of Blueprint for me. Weeeeeee.
Good times.


scooterboy said...

hey. i can comment again. I have recovered my scooterboy identity and have even put a post on my blog. you can go and see it at

(shameless plug)


Shari Schwarz said...

woo hoo, scooterboy! I'll go check it out. And, Anie, I love your writing style. So fun to read, inspiring--so YOU! And yes, the baby girl on my back was feather light and oh, so made me miss little Wrenny.