Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We had a little birthday to go to last night. Finn got all fired up about the kids and had an absolute blast. On the snowy way home in the car, we heard a bad clunk, and Wrenny had an unprecedented scream, and when we got home (after aforementioned thunk was dealt with) Finn was, as to be expected, overtired. We gave him his"nuk" and bath, and, as seen here, a snuggle with Wrenny.
All ended well.
I fell asleep on the futon as the fire roared in the woodstove.

Oh, the small luxuries!


Anonymous said...

Another wonderful pic and a heartwarming story. The thing I appreciate most about your blog, Anie, is the reminder of the important things in life, and the absolute joy that comes from its simplicity. You have much to teach the world, both near and far.
Love you,

Shari Schwarz said...

such a sweet picture

:) Shari

glanteigne said...

Mike should have a soother in his mouth too.

scooterboy said...

I thought of that only after the photo was posted...