Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I took the cat to the vet get fixed.
She almost escaped out of her cardboard box enroute so and I almost lost it. However, I managed to contain her by flipping the box over and putting the camp stove on it. She survived. I thought she might die of a heart attack. Thankfully not. She is our only mouser (and birder as it so happens...even canaries are no problem for her)

It has been the journey of hormones over the last three days as my due date is in sight. So far no reports of happenings. The odd contraction here and there,. Especially as I drive the van...perhaps that is because i am trying to stretch my legs to reach the pedals while trying not to squeeze baby belly on the steering wheel during sharp turns without power steering.
Finn has been cared for by friends today as I took a day off to do some errands, visit with friends and nap. I am very thankful for this. I grow tired, but am very excited about what the future brings. Here a few pics of the weekend at our guitar players wedding up in Kimberley.
Mr and Mrs Ben and Debbie Vanderwerf.


Shari Schwarz said...

I love that picture of you and Finny-Finn-Finn. :) You look beautiful! I miss you!


Owen's Mama said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

R-word said...

Wow Anie, a new baby any day... I haven't even met Finn yet!! that seems to be a problem with many of my "old" friendships... I'm just too far away to keep current!! there are so many little ones out there I have only seen "online"! well... I wish you the very best of deliveries!!!