Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Word

Wren's word for Unicorns (which she was introduced to the other day ) is

"Corn Ponies".

pretty clever, says I.

Mike says-that's a great name for a band.
Funny little kids.

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Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

who made that snazzy little skirt wren is wearing i wonder...?
friday sounds good...hopefully it will be sunny side up...sorry for not answering your questions, i always think i'm going to get to it once nightfall comes and all it comes with is more work and more popcorn...i'll explain on friday...but yes...i have the pattern so i'll bring it. bring the heaven on earth book if you're done...i am so HAPPY with living crafts is not even funny.
saw you've been buying lotsa buttons...mmmmm...mmmmm....?