Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Mama's Birthday

Just a few things I loved about my Mama...and a candle for her BIG Birthday!
...from her most youngest child.

-her favourite blouse (10 blouses sewn from the same pattern with different fabric-a smart woman)
-her laugh-til-you-cry way of humour
-her crazy labeling the shelves thing (i get that now!)
-her love to "Make it by Hand"
-her ability to listen to all things at the end of a school day
-her rye sourdough "black bread" on weekdays and "white bread" for weekends
-her "let's make a new dress for this wedding" sewing in scantily clads
-her love for all things green and growing
-her afternoon Earl Grey ritual and weekend "Kaffeetrinken"
-her total eco-friendly way of reusing everything, wasting nothing, buying local-WAY before it became "trendy"
-her ability to laugh at herself
-her ability to love me


Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

It sounds like there is alot of her in you.

Karyn-for-you said...

I remember your mom. We went to her house and she served us a beutiful simple lunch, vanilla yogurt cups(the first I ever had) sandwiches, served on individual bread boards. The hospitality that she showed that day has alway's stuck with me. She loved you well and you have done well with your own home. "I love you long time".

Anonymous said...

What wonderful things to have as special memories. To think that one day Wrenny will have similar warm and toasty memories of mom-and-daughter times in ways that only moms and daughters could have them. I knew Ursula for such a short time, and yet she made such an impression on me. I wish I could know the ways that you and she are similar.
Love you lots,