Saturday, January 12, 2008

a little skating and such

Every thursday our buddy Hendrix comes and stays with us. pictured here is "Curious George hour" when i drink my coffee and read and sit and meditate and do dishes etc.

Wrenny's new birthday poncho-handmade by Auntie Irene!!!

Finn has been thrilled that he has now a helmet for all occasions one for skiing (hand me down), hockey (thrift store special) , AND many helmets, not enough Wrenny helps out.

Finn, Wren and i just came back from a couple of hours of skating and sliding around the outdoor rink here in town. We came home ruddy and ready for some hot chocolate..and a treat. it was decided that today would be a good day for us to dine on the gingerbread house we made before Christmas. Here is the before picture...


Karyn-for-you said...

hey, Anie from Cranny, It is nice to "catch Up" with you on your blog. I miss you and wish I could feed you some of my food and play with paper or fabric together. Oh, well for now come visit me on my blog at
"see" you later.

Anonymous said...

More pics of the delightful grandkids! Gotta love it! What did the house look like AFTER the snack time???
Love you all,

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

I was all set up for an "after" picture only to be horribly dissapointed. The before picture was lovely though. You and your munchkins will be my first choice if I ever have gingerbread contruction requirments. Happy Monday!