Sunday, September 30, 2007

been busy, been gone, been tired...

those are the reasons for my almost 20 day delay of posts!
Alas we have been in the fullness of fall, which is my favourite time of year...except of course Christmas and the first crocus of spring and, a the first day at the park in the summer...HA!
The kids and I went for a 5 day Alberta tour to visit friends and fam, while Mike was working hard core on or guest cabin roof. All is well and it (the roof) should be done before the end of the month...I am busy envisioning summer guests or at least a playhouse for next summer. Pics on that later.
Wrenny is One in a week-and I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone!

here is what we were up in Southern Alberta (little puppy is Nana's cute little "rosie".

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Shari Schwarz said...

It's good to see you there and your cute little cherubs!

Miss you!