Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ants on a Log

I have become re-aquainted with a snacking champion forsummer movie nights:
Ants on a log.

For me, the discovery of these during a Grade 3 "Health Week" at Mongomery Street School in Fredericton, New Brunswick, gave Cheez Whiz a reason to be noticed. Even celery was palatable if its cheezy sidekick was handy-by. It made the week of classroom aerobics to "Ra-Ra-Rasputin" as well as other Canadian snacks (Apples and cheddar-who would have thought?) so very memorable to my impressionable German immigrant mind.

This week also found me kneeling in front of my apple tree-unleashing it from the brick and rope I had weighed it down with 4 summers ago. Now that the branches were at a place I had hoped they would be (I had to "re-train" one branch as I had accidently snapped it off upon its first arrival in our garden) I felt as though I should have a little ceremony for it. Say some words, you know, sing some songs.... Instead, there I sat untying the wind-tangled knots of rope. And I was so happy to be in the sunny fresh air and wondered about the last time I could sit still for 5 LONG minutes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY to untie a knot. It was, strangely, a blissfull state of being. A little kiss from God. So now the tree grows freely, Probation with Bricks over, in the smack-dab middle of the yard. Mike says we will likely have to seriously prune some of the aforementioned branches anyhow, because now they are too low.
well, whatever.
It might mean another freedom session.
And I am all over that!

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